$3,340.14 or $2,539.99

Which would you rather pay for the same ring?

At 19.9% interest over 36 months you will pay $3,340.14. At 29.9% interest you pay $3,815.71. With Wentworth you only pay the $2,500 for the ring and just $39.99 Account Activation. That’s it.

What you see is what you pay.

For example, when you finance a $599 ring from Wentworth Jewelers, you can be sure that’s what you will pay. We don’t charge interest, so you know you won’t end up paying significantly more than the cost of the item. Think it doesn’t make much of a difference? Think again.

That same $599 ring can cost you a lot more when you finance it someplace else. At 29.9% interest your total payments will add up to a whopping $914.25, or $315.25 more. At Wentworth Jewelers we don’t charge interest, so you know you won’t have to pay that extra cost. Period. What’s better: paying $914.25 or $599 for the same ring?

This is why our Jewelry Payment Plans are gaining in such popularity. Nobody else can match our jewelry financing program and nobody else can do it as straightforward as we can.

Think about giving us a try. You can save a lot of money and have a 0% APR credit line you can use anytime for additional jewelry purchases. Why not give us a try.

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