Like a Credit Card with 0% Interest?

Yes. Similar to a credit card account, you establish a revolving loan that you can use to make additional Wentworth Jewelers purchases, while still keeping your payment within your budget. But the best part is that you never pay interest. That’s right…nadda, nothing, 0%. No other company offers the kind of payment flexibility with 0% APR like Wentworth Jewelers.

Nobody Else Comes Close to This Kind of Offer

Now You Can Afford Stunning Jewelry...Guaranteed!

All of our payment plan payments start at $9.99. If you choose not to open a revolving line of credit, you can still purchase quality jewelry using our 4 Payment Installment Plans. This payment plan option allows you to still make the same 0% interest purchase, but own your jewelry outright quicker. These Payment Installment Plans are most suitable for customers whose budget can afford an outright purchase but want the convenience of only a few smaller payments.