Other Naturally Occurring Adornments

Wentworth Jewelers offers a few exceptions to natural gemstone in its collection such as cubic zirconium.  Wentworth Jewelers appreciates that the process that creates cubic zirconium is similar to the art of enhancing natural gems color and clarity, with the inclusion of a process that allows these prized objects to be produced in controlled settings far more timely than the millions of years and planetary events that produced natural stones.

Wentworth Jewelers collection may also include designs that offer other long-prized natural treasures such as coral, shells, amber and petrified wood.  Many of these items can be enhanced, such as cameos. Wentworth Jewelers also continues the use of fine finishings, such as enameling, mosaics, and veneers.

Celebrate your love and special events with our fine jewelry. Each piece of our fine jewelry is also an heirloom. Wentworth Jewelers wants to be your jeweler, and your family’s jeweler, for generations.