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The Hidden Dangers of Financing an Engagement Ring


That’s the average amount people spend on an engagement ring, according to TheKnot.com. But that’s just the price of the ring. Take a look at this shocking number:


According to Calculator.net, that’s what you’d pay for that same ring if you financed it for 36 months at 19.9% interest. How much nicer of a ring could you get for that price?

Love Makes You an Easy Victim

Engagement rings tug on the emotional strings of both the bride and the groom. From childhood, women often dream of their eventual wedding day. Having a beautiful diamond ring to adorn their finger is part of that dream.

Men know this, which is why they usually become anxious to give her the most impressive ring possible. There’s a lot of pressure to do it right, which is how a lot of guys get caught into a financial trap.

Many big name jewelry stores know this and use this to their advantage. They offer grooms a way to purchase rings with no down payment but with sky-high interest rates. Others offer gimmicks like no interest for six or 12 months.

But often these unsuspecting grooms don’t realize they will pay interest if they don't pay the ring off in full before the end of this “interest grace” period! In other words, these “teaser” type programs make you think you’re getting a great deal, but the fine print and reality often have less than a fairy tale ending.

A New Way to Finance Engagement Rings with No Strings

If you want to avoid the cost of paying interest or –better yet—buy your fiancé a more impressive ring for the same amount you’d pay with a high-interest loan, then you should check out Wentworth Jewelers and its financing program. You can avoid the expense of paying interest and the potential pitfalls of having your credit dinged for multiple financing applications. See for yourself and investigate Wentworth Jewelers’ financially friendly alternative to financing an engagement ring.

Plus, their financing program is like getting a store credit card, so once you’ve paid down the engagement ring some, you can use your Account to finance the wedding ring, too. Check out their fine selection of quality engagement rings and affordable 0% interest payment plans.


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How Some People Always Find the Perfect Jewelry Gift

Having trouble finding that perfect gift?

You’re not alone. Jewelry is one of the most precious valuable gifts you can give. It represents a person's importance to you and how much you adore and appreciate him or her being in your life. So what is the secret to finding the perfect jewelry gift?

Here are 5 secrets to finding the perfect gift:

1. Determine its Purpose

Do you want your loved one to wear the jewelry for casual or professional situations? What about formal evening wear?

Think about the occasion where your spouse, other half, or mom might wear the piece of jewelry. If you want them to wear it everyday, a pair of beautiful studded earrings will do the trick. But if you want something extravagant, then a necklace with diamonds is a great choice.

For the man in your life, a leather strap watch would be ideal for daily wear whereas a stainless steel watch could be worn to special occasions.

2. Style and Personality

Personality is reflected in one’s style. A traditional or conservative person will appreciate timeless and subtle beauty, where a more eclectic, non-traditional person will appreciate something a little trendier or more color.

Understanding people’s style is like having a command of the English language. Once you’ve mastered the rules you know when it’s appropriate to break them.

While it might seem more appropriate to give a conservative gift to a conservative person, that gift might be too bland with his or her conservative outfit. Sometimes getting a slightly edgy piece of jewelry will be more appropriate. But it cannot go too far.

Conversely, for a person who is pushing the limits, having a more traditional item provides balance as well. For example, classic cocktail ring can compliment a trendier outfit.

3. Interest

Is your mom or girlfriend a cat lover? Then a beautiful cat pendant may just be the perfect choice. Does your other half love the beach? If so, allow her to show off her beachy side with a beautiful pair of starfish earrings.

Choosing jewelry that is reflective of an interest shows that you put a lot of thought into the gift.

4. Jewelry Type

Do you want to get your spouse a ring? Or do you want to give your mom a pair of earrings? If you have absolutely no idea, here are a few tips:

A pair of earrings is ideal only for those who have pierced ears, and when buying rings, you have to know your loved one's size. And if you're giving jewelry to a friend, bracelets are the perfect choice. Necklaces are great choices if you have children, or for your other half.

If you're not too sure about sizing, the best choice would be to buy a pendant for her or a watch for him.

Narrowing down your choices will make the search so much easier.

5. Symbols for Warm Thoughts

You know the saying, “diamonds are forever.” That’s because they don’t disappear like a box of chocolates or a bottle of wine. Instead, jewelry can be a constant reminder of a person or occasion. That’s why it always pays to try and attach your gift to the moment.

You can choose to buy a ring with 5 diamonds to symbolize 5 years of being together, or a platinum ring with the date of your anniversary engraved inside. If you want to give your daughter a gift for her birthday, a necklace with a pendant of her birthstone would be the precious choice.

Giving someone a piece of jewelry already says a lot, but make it even more meaningful by making it symbolic.

Giving Gifts the Wentworth Way

Wentworth Jewelers offers thousands of items to choose from for the perfect gift. But that’s not all. You also can use our 0% APR payment plans to make that gift even more affordable.

From classic and timeless pieces that can be handed down from one generation to another, to trendy styles that turn heads - Wentworth Jewelers offers the perfect selection of jewelry that will surely melt your loved one's heart.


The One Thing to Never Use When Cleaning Your Jewelry


That’s how people often describe the sparkle of new jewelry. But it doesn’t last long after you leave the store.

Jewelry quickly becomes lackluster due to the build-up of skin oils, lotions, soap residues, smoke residues, and dirt from the environment. When this happens, your jewelry may still be beautiful but only under a layer of luster inhibiting grime. That’s when people turn to the one item they should never use: a toothbrush.

It seems like the perfect item to clean out those nooks and crannies, but it’s not. A toothbrush could potentially damage your jewelry if any abrasives scratch the metal or stones.

The bristles of a toothbrush can't remove all of the accumulated grime and they miss many hard to reach spots such as the crevices on a watch band or the nooks and crannies of engravings. They also can't get in behind gemstones and precious stones. It just doesn't clean your jewelry as well as a good professional cleaning.

The Professional’s Secret

When you take your jewelry in to be professionally cleaned, they use a machine called an ultrasound cleaner. They place your jewelry in a cleaning solution inside this machine while it produces sound waves in the ultrasound range, usually 20,000–40,000Hz. This produces very high energy pressure waves in the solution that remove the built-up grime on your jewelry without damaging your jewelry. Because these tiny high pressure waves can penetrate even the smallest crevices, they get to places that a toothbrush never could.

Fortunately, you can now buy ultrasound machines online for less than $50. This is a relatively small investment, even if you own a small collection. The primary difference between an expensive unit and something in the $50 range has more to do with the size of the basin where you put your jewelry, rather than the quality of the ultrasound cleaning.

Make Sure You Use the Right Cleaning Solution for Your Jewelry

If you are cleaning gold or platinum with non-porous stone settings like diamonds, sapphires, or rubies, you can use an ammonia based cleaner to get them extra clean and shiny. Most ultrasound machines will include a bottle of this but you can also make your own by simply buying a cheap bottle of ammonia at the supermarket and adding about one part ammonia to four parts water. If you use ammonia, hold it away from your face as you pour it and make sure the room is well ventilated. Ammonia vapors are very toxic if you breathe them and they can literally burn your nostrils and eye membranes if you get too close!

If you are cleaning silver jewelry and/or jewelry containing porous stones like opals, amber, emeralds, or pearls, do NOT use an ammonia based cleaner as it can damage these items. Instead, use plain water, distilled is preferred, and add a few drops of a mild dishwashing detergent. Rinse your jewelry items in plain water before drying.

If you think it makes sense to own an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner for your collection, Wentworth Jewelers offers them affordably. Not only will your collection look the best it can be, you’ll be assured that you’re using the right type of cleaner method to make sure your jewelry stays new looking for a long time.


The Untold Secret To Getting a Better Diamond Within Your Budget

You know the saying…

“Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend”

If a quality diamond is a “best friend,” what would a bigger, nicer diamond be and how much more would your stature elevate in her eyes?

When shopping for an engagement ring, there is no doubt you'd like to get the best diamond you can afford. It’s true. A lot of women fall in love with the sparkle and shine of a beautiful diamond. But what about your budget?

We're going to tell you how to get a bigger diamond and still stay on budget, or even under budget!

The Speed of Light Reveals the Desirability of Your Diamond

In a vacuum, light travels at the amazing speed of 186,000 miles per second. However, as light travels through solids and liquids, this speed is reduced to varying degrees depending on the density of the object. The denser the object, the more the light is slowed down.

According to Professor Robert Hazen's 1999 book, "The Diamond Makers: A Compelling Drama of Scientific Discovery," diamond is one of the densest materials on Earth. This is because of the fact that each atom that makes up the diamond has many electrons and the light must work around each of these electrons as it passes through the material, thus slowing it down. Professor Hazen points out that light is slowed to 80,000 miles per second as it travels through a diamond, 43 percent of its original speed through a vacuum!

As the light traveling through a diamond is slowed down, this allows it to bounce around inside the diamond before it escapes, thus separating the white light into different color components, and giving diamonds their quintessential sparkle. The more the light bounces around inside, the more potential the diamond has to sparkle and the better quality the sparkle will be.

The cut of the diamond is also very important because this helps direct the escaping light to the viewers eye instead of letting it escape out the back. Thus, a better cut contributes to a brighter flash because more light is directed toward the human eye. However, a bigger diamond also collects more light than a smaller diamond, thus producing a bigger shine.

Additionally, the quality of the light coming out of a bigger diamond is better because the light bounces around more inside which improves the sparkly characteristics of the escaping light!

Assuming the cut, color, and clarity are the same, a bigger diamond is going to sparkle more than a smaller diamond. Moreover, the quality of the light (i.e., the quality of the sparkle, is going to be enhanced by purchasing a larger diamond). This is because of how much more the ambient light will bounce and scatter before it exits the diamond. To the human eye, this is experienced as scintillation. In other words, the shimmering and twinkling effect can be just as important as the brightness of the light from a sparkling diamond. In this case, size definitely matters.

The Bigger Diamond Secret

A diamond engagement ring is a symbol of your endless love and dedication for the person you have chosen to be your life partner. This makes it one of the most important purchases you will ever make. If you are worried that you can't afford a big enough diamond to please her, you are certainly not alone because this is a concern that most men have when shopping for an engagement ring.

As described above, having a bigger diamond (all other factors equal) means you get more sparkle and more desirability. So, how do you get the bigger diamond and stay within your budget?

Easy. Focus on your total cost, not just the price.

What that means is don’t focus on the price or the payment, but rather what the entire cost of the purchase will be. For example, if you finance a $3,500 ring at 19.9% interest for 36 months, you’ll end up paying a total of $4,676.19. That $1,176.19 difference is where the bigger diamond is. However, you spent that money on interest expenses.

That’s why more people are discovering how Wentworth Jewelers can help them get that bigger diamond. Their unique financing program does not charge interest. That means the money you would’ve spent on interest with other financing offers can be used to get a bigger diamond.

Now you can buy the ring of your fiancé’s dreams while staying within your budget! Remember, making smart fiscal decisions like that is another gift you can bring into the marriage!

Check out Wentworth Jewelers' collection of engagement rings for yourself and see the savings. There is a bigger diamond in your future than you probably thought possible. Put some extra sparkle in both your lives with a bigger diamond. You only get one engagement ring so make it the one you both can admire for years to come and even perhaps make it a family heirloom. Check out Wentworth Jewelers selection of engagement rings now, while you’re thinking about it.


1. http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/physics/diamond-science.html
An excerpt of Professor Robert Hazen's 1999 book, "The Diamond Makers: A Compelling Drama of Scientific Discovery," reprinted with permission.

Confessions of a Jewelry Salesperson?


That’s the one word that best describes how the jewelry salesperson at the Mall feels compared to his online competitors.

His biggest advantage is you get to see the item you’re about to purchase, but after that he cannot compete. It is only the person who waits until the last minute to shop, does he get rewarded for all his hours behind the counter.

It seems like shopping at the Mall for nice jewelry would be more advantageous. You get to speak to a sales person who can answer your questions. You get to hold the item you think you want to buy. You even have the assurance that if there’s a problem you can quickly run back to the store and get it resolved instantly…or can you?

The joys of online jewelry shopping are quickly gaining favor among shoppers. It seems counter intuitive that you can get a better deal online, but let me tell you how you can.

Limited Choice

Retail jewelry stores simply don't have the space to stock a vast amount of inventory. There also is a limit to what they can have in their display cases. You would have to visit literally dozens, perhaps hundreds, of retail jewelry stores to find the same amount of selection as you'll find in a single online jewelry store. There, you could have upwards to 3,000 to 10,000 different pieces to choose from and can shop based upon price, style, stone, cut, collection, etc. There are literally hundreds of different ways you can narrow your selection to just those pieces you’re looking for.

Avoid the Pesky Salesperson

You want to look at the item, but you don’t want to be bothered by the person trying to sell it to you. It can sometimes be creepy when you walk into a store and there are two or three salespeople looking at you, especially if you only want to get ideas and not actually make a purchase.

In order to see an item up close, you have to ask the salesperson for assistance, thereby making you feel obligated to him or her. It’s a carefully planned sales process designed to make you feel obligated to consummate a sale. It’s even worse if you want to see multiple pieces.

When you shop online, however, the experience is pleasant. You avoid the pushy sales person who makes you feel obligated to buy because you asked to see two or three items. You avoid the high pressure sales tactics. And you avoid the associated guilt of not making a purchase after asking the sales person for assistance.

Instead, you simply click and compare. No person hovering over you. No person trying to convince you to buy now. No harm and no foul.

Sorry…we’re closing now.

If it is 7:45pm on a Friday you might be out of luck. The store is closing. But if it’s an online store, you’re in luck. We’re open 24/7!

Get Consistent Detailed Information Every Time

Have you ever asked to sales people the same question and gotten two different answers? It’s frustrating, along with the fact that you don’t know who to believe. Or worse, the sales person doesn’t have the answer to what should be a simple question.

The salesperson scrambles to look up the answer in a catalog, or worse, with the supplier who closed 30 minutes prior. They may even tell you to call later or come back the next day.

With online jewelry shopping, the details of each piece, often including the most common questions, are listed right next to the item. This makes it super easy to scan, consider, and compare to other pieces. Plus, you don't have to worry about the salesperson making a mistake.

What Do Others Say about the Item?

If you are shopping and find two or more items you are having trouble deciding between, it can be helpful to get feedback from your friends or others who already bought the item you’re considering. If you are shopping at a retail jewelry store, this is almost impossible.

You have to take a photo (if they will let you) then email it or upload it to Facebook or a place that has the same item. You have to then list out all the specs for them to give you informed opinions. You may even have to drag your friends to the retail store.

However, if you are shopping online, all you have to do is do a quick copy and paste to post a link directly to the items showing the pictures and the detailed specs. This makes it super easy to get lots of good feedback fast!

Good News! You’re Not Paying Sky-High Rent

Retail jewelry stores have huge overhead, which is why they have extreme markup. According to Integra Realty Resources, a leading nation wide real estate appraisal firm, the average rent for a retail space in a mall is $34.62 per square foot per month! This means that the monthly rent even for a small jewelry store in the mall runs many thousands of dollars per month. In stark contrast, an online jewelry store doesn't have to pay that kind of rent.

All they pay is the cost of less expensive space, a domain name and hosting fees, a mere drop in the bucket compared to retail rental rates. Of course, retail jewelry stores also have to hire dedicated salespeople, buy expensive display cabinets, and pay the high costs of security, which are all passed along to you, the customer.

Given their huge overhead, it's easy to see why retail jewelry stores often charge much more for their jewelry than online stores. They are simply passing on their costs to their customers! This also means that you can save a bundle by avoiding retail jewelry stores and shopping online instead. In fact, you'll save even more shopping online if you buy from an online jewelry store like Wentworth Jewelers that specializes in offering low prices on quality jewelry because their business model quite literally is designed to save you money.

Buying Jewelry the Wentworth Way

Next time you’re in a jewelry store, ask yourself, “What would this person confess to me? Would he tell me this is the way he shops?”

Wentworth Jewelers is committed to getting you the most value for your dollar. Compared to standard retail establishments AND online jewelry sites you’ll discover a combination of selection, convenience and huge savings can be had with Wentworth Jewelers.

Give us a try, even if it’s a small inexpensive item…just to see for yourself. You get the power of thousands of items to choose from, the convenience of 24/7 shopping and the cost savings of both our Price Match Guarantee and 0% APR payment plans. Nobody else offers this kind of combined value.

See for yourself why so many people are discovering the Wentworth Way.


How To Choose the Right Jewelry For Your Skin Tone

Does it look good on me?

When shopping for clothes, you have no doubt noticed that some colors look better against your skin than others. Picking out jewelry should be no different. While a gold necklace may look stunning on one person, the same necklace may not compliment another person very well.

To determine what jewelry colors will look best on you, first determine what skin tone you have. There are three basic types of skin tone: cool, warm, and neutral. Here are the characteristics for each skin tone:

Cool Skin Tone
  1. Your skin undertones are pink, reddish, or ruddy. This is because your skin does not have much melanin (the pigment that makes it possible to tan).
  2. You sunburn easy.
  3. You never tan or tan much.
  4. The veins in your wrist are bluish or purplish.
  5. You tend to flush easy.
Warm Skin Tone
  1. Your skin undertones are yellowish, peachy, orangish, or olive. This is because your skin contains a good amount of melanin.
  2. You do not sunburn easy.
  3. You tan well.
  4. The veins in your wrist are greenish.
  5. You do not blush easy.
Neutral Skin Tone
  1. Your skin undertones are neutral in color.
  2. You do not see obvious pink, red, yellow, peachy, orangish, olive, or any other color undertones in your skin color.
  3. Your vein color will be difficult to classify.

Please note that skin color and skin tone are not the same. It is possible for a dark skinned person to have a cool skin color and a light skinned person to have a warm skin color. You are looking for the undertones, not how light or dark the skin is overall.

And also note that to determine vein color, you should do so under natural sunlight on a sunny day but without direct sunlight in your eyes. Artificial light can distort vein color to the human eye. This can also happen when observing skin undertones so it is best to take a mirror outside and look at your skin undertones in the natural sunlight. Pay particular attention to the areas of skin where you wear your jewelry.

What Color Jewelry Will Complement Each Skin Tone the Best?

Lighter colored metals look best against cool toned skin. Thus, silver, platinum, and white gold are good choices for this tone. Brighter colored metals look best on warm toned skin. Thus, gold, bronze, and copper are good choices for this tone. People that have a neutral skin tone are very lucky to be able to wear all metal types equally well.

There can be one major exception to the skin tone guidelines given above. If you have naturally red or reddish hair or you have hair with strong golden highlights, your hair color may be more important than your skin tone in determining what color of metal will look best on you. If you fall into this category, even if you have a cool skin tone (most but not all redheads do), you should at least give gold, copper, and bronze a try to see how it looks.

For settings and other adornments, people with cool toned skin tend to look better wearing jewelry with brighter, more saturated colors like sapphire, turquoise, ruby, and emerald. A string of white pearls will also look lovely on cool toned skin. For people with warm toned skin, earth-toned settings will tend to look best. Keep in mind too that diamonds and other clear stones complement all skin tones well so they are always a fabulous choice.

Here's Another Good Tip On How To Choose Jewelry To Complement Your Skin Tone Think back to what jewelry has gotten you the most compliments like, "Those earrings look so good on you" or "That bracelet looks so much better on you than it did on me." What color are those pieces? Do you see a trend?

Ultimately, you should choose jewelry colors that you think looks best on you and that other people think looks great on you too. However, the guidelines above on skin tone should help you when choosing jewelry, especially when you are confronted with many choices such as you'll find on the Wentworth Jewelers online store. When shopping there, you also have the luxury of being able to afford more pieces to add to your collection, or replace pieces where the color doesn't match you well, because their prices are competitive and they offer 0% interest on revolving charge.

Remember, to get the most out of your jewelry choices, remember to not only consider the aesthetics of the jewelry but also on how well the colors will complement your specific skin tone.


How Gold Jewelry Can Be a Terrific Investment
And how to buy it

Want to own timeless beauty that may preserve, or increase, as an investment?

You can with one of the oldest forms of currency: Gold. It can be used as a store of value or as a hedge against potential economic crises, but if you want something that's more than just a mere investment, then gold jewelry hits two “birds” with one “stone.” It's fashionable while also serving as a potentially wise investment.

Gold has been the premier form of money for thousands of years among almost every civilization, and it can easily be converted to paper currency almost anywhere in the world. In times of financial crises, having gold has preserved wealth for many a person from the consequences of unpredictable economies.

But before you decide to invest in gold jewelry, there are certain things you have to consider, because there is a premium above the metal itself that you will be paying for. Here are five considerations you should know when buying gold jewelry:

  1. Why You Don’t Want to Own Pure Gold Jewelry

    The karat is the system used to measure the amount of pure gold an item contains. When buying gold jewelry, you must know the karat amounts, so you know the price, the durability, and the overall value of your gold.

    It is important to know that gold in its purest form is soft. Twenty-four karat gold is soft, and therefore, rarely used as pure jewelry. Higher karat gold is usually mixed with base metals such as copper, silver, nickel, or zinc to make jewelry. The higher the karat, the more vulnerable the gold is to damage with regular use.

    Jewelry stores usually carry gold with 18 Karats or below.

    To know the percentage of gold, here are the Karat equivalents:

    >24k is pure gold
    >18k means the gold is 18 parts pure gold and 6 parts metal which means it has 75% gold
    >14k means the gold is 14 parts pure gold and 10 parts metal which means it has 58.3% gold
    >12k means the gold is 12 parts pure gold and 12 parts metal which means it has 50% gold
    >10k means the gold is 10 parts pure gold and 14 parts metal which means it has 41.7% gold

    The minimum karat that can be called "gold" in the United States is 10k.

    To know for yourself how much karat a piece of jewelry has, you can look for the hallmark - which is the specific karat quality that is stamped on the gold itself. It is usually found on the insides of rings, and on the inner sides of bracelets and other jewelry.

  2. How Much Does it Tip the Scale?

    The weight of gold is measured by grams and the more weight it has, the more valuable it is. More weight also considers the piece of gold as more durable. The thicker and heavier the piece, the stronger it is to withstand daily wear and tear.

  3. Gold is like a Chameleon

    Gold is usually associated with the color yellow - which happens to be the most popular form of gold jewelry. But when mixed with other metals, it creates a new and diverse color palette that makes them more interesting and sometimes even more valuable.

    When gold is mixed with white metals such as silver or palladium, the result is white gold - which is the most popular color for wedding bands in the United States.

    When combined with copper, gold creates a soft pink complexion that results to rose gold, which is 10% more valuable than yellow gold.

  4. Using Design to Boost Your Gold’s Value

    When choosing gold jewelry, the more skill and labor put into its design, the more valuable. Craftsmanship is highly valued in gold jewelry, as the more ornamental carvings and unusual designs, the more unique and precious a piece of jewelry becomes.

    Gold jewelry with stone insets are also considered to be of higher quality compared to pure gold pieces. However, though the gold may be of high quality, you must also be wary about the authenticity of the stones. Always make sure they're as genuine as the quality of gold used in the piece.

  5. Satisfaction Guarantee?

    Only buy from reputable jewelers that provide the right terms and conditions for your purchase. You should always be wary about hidden terms and conditions so you can properly protect your investment.

    A jeweler must also have a proper store refund and returns policy, so you get to enjoy your rights as a client in case you need to have a piece replaced or returned for specific reasons.

    For those who want to have the "look for less," gold plated jewelry can be a great option, but not as an investment. Further, if you wear plated jewelry frequently, the plating soon wears off, thereby making the purchase all but worthless.

How You Buy Your Gold Matters

Depending on how much you buy might determine whether you finance your purchase or not. Financing with an interest rate is the hidden cost a lot of people don’t consider. For example, buying a $1,500 item at just 14% adds $345.59 to your purchase cost. As of this writing, Gold is selling for about $1,168. That $345 you pay in interest could get you another three tenths of an ounce.

Wentworth Jewelers offers gold jewelry at 0% APR financing. That means your payments go toward principal and not interest, thereby helping to make sure you can purchase the most gold you can afford. Next time you make a jewelry purchase, give Wentworth Jewelers a try and see for yourself why so many are discovering that buying jewelry at 0% APR is providing so much additional value.




How To Avoid Looking Outdated

Whether it's work or play, shouldn’t you want to look your best. Wearing fashionable jewelry is the way to compliment that look. But how do you know when the jewelry you own is out of fashion?

Here are seven tips to help keep you looking good with the latest jewelry trends:

Don’t Be Like the Last “Monkey”

Ever heard of “monkey see monkey do”? People often emulate fashion the same way. The way it works is fashion trends are typically established by the trendsetters, also known as Early Adaptors. Some people see it, like it and emulate these early adaptors. Eventually this process continues until the masses are “on board” and not much longer after that the “fashion” everyone wants becomes outdated by the trendsetters, and the process repeats itself all over again, but with a different fashion statement.

Famous People

Therefore, one of the best ways to get ideas about the latest jewelry fashion trends is to identify those trend setters of the style you like and watch them closely. A lot of ladies do this with famous actresses. It’s not uncommon for these famous women to set the trend of fashion. Another is a fashion magazine, especially the advertisements when the new clotheslines are released. The key is to identify the people/publications associated with setting the styles and watching closely what begins to get “traction” and gain in popularity.

Look For Celebrities with Similar Body Types Like You

Pay the most attention to the jewelry worn by people with a similar body type to you. If you are a pear-shaped petite woman with an oval face, a long slender neck, and unattached earlobes, look for celebrities who share this physique. Which of the latest jewelry fashions seem to flatter this body type the best? If you are an apple-shaped full-figured gal with a shorter neck and heart-shaped face, look for jewelry that accentuate this profile the best. Once you really start paying attention, you'll be amazed at how much you discover.

A Good Reason to Watch Television

We all know that watching television is not considered productive, but you can make it be. No matter what the show (except re-runs) you can find ideas on the latest fashion statements. Talk shows, Sitcoms, and even Soap Operas can reveal the newest trends. On talk shows watch closely what the celebrities are wearing. Those appearances are carefully scripted to ensure the most positive image for these celebrities, and that includes every detail about their outfits.

Shop Online and You Can Stay Current

The Internet has become a boon to so many people in so many ways. You never have to leave your home and you can be completely connected (in real time) to everything that is happening. Online jewelry websites can instantly carry some of the latest trends before event the brick and mortar stores get the items.

Spot Trends On Pinterest and Other Social Networks

Social networking sites can be a great way to gain information about new jewelry trends. Pinterest, a social bookmarking site like StumbleUpon and Digg, can be a great place to start since it is such a highly visual site. You can also tweet out links to what you find or post them to your Facebook page to get instant feedback. Many will reciprocate with links they've found with some friendly commentary.

Online Magazines and Blogs For Ideas

Almost all of the printed fashion magazines have a corresponding website. These include the biggies like Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Elle, and Harper's Bazaar. In fact, the online versions of these fashion magazines usually provide more pictures and information online than do in their printed publication because there is more space to do so. For example, check out Harper's Bazaar's "The Best Jewelry Trends From Spring 2015" here:

Online, you also have the advantage of accessing international versions of the most popular fashion magazines for even more ideas and a variety of pictures. Here are the links to the French, Italian, and Indian versions of Vogue:


Using Jewelry to Revitalize Your Wardrobe

Once you have the wardrobe essentials, you really don't need to buy a whole new wardrobe to stay fashionable if you accessorize it properly. In order words, you can re-work that same little black dress with new trendy jewelry for a classy chic look because the new jewelry will change the whole look and feel of the outfit. You can do the same with your favorite cardigan and jeans for a casual chic look. In fact, mixing trendy jewelry with wardrobe classics is a great way to avoid a fashion faux pas by going "too trendy."

How to Look Trendy On a Budget

Shopping online at Wentworth Jewelers can save you a bundle of money they offer easy financing with 0% interest! It might not seem like much, but paying interest can add up big over time. Even if you can afford the purchase outright, 0% APR means you basically get to borrow free money, which frees up your money for other purchases, should you want or need something else. See for yourself why so many people are discovering a better way to buy jewelry online.


Why Buying a Smaller Diamond Might Make Her a Lot Happier

A lot of men struggle with knowing what size diamond to buy when shopping for an engagement ring. Do you?

On one hand, you want to impress the woman you love and you’re confident that your lady will love a bigger diamond. On the other hand, you might be discovering the issue of carat size is actually more complicated than you thought. Plus, most people are surprised to learn that size actually refers to weight. Either way, you have a budget to consider, so we’ll address the important considerations you want to be aware of before making that big purchase.

Why Carat “Size” is Misleading

You might be surprised to discover that "carat size" does not refer to the physical dimensions of a cut diamond. Instead, carat size refers to the actual weight of a diamond. Specifically, a carat is equal to 200 milligrams in weight, which is the same as 0.200 grams or one-fifth of a gram. Carat size is often expressed in points where 100 points equals one carat. Thus, a 90 point diamond (90 ct diamond) would be nine-tenths of a carat. A lot of guys aren’t aware of this little fact.

To put this in real world terms, if you compared two diamonds that have the same exact carat size side by side, you might see noticeably different size stones. Beyond the color and clarity, this optical illusion is because of the differences in the shape of the diamond and/or how each diamond is cut.

As a rule, you will notice that round or oval diamonds look bigger than, for example, square diamonds of the same carat size, assuming all other factors are equal. Are you following along?

Instead of seeking the biggest carat diamond you can afford, you might want to focus on if the diamond looks bigger. However, there is more to consider.

“I Bought the Wrong Size?”

It sounds strange, but how big is your future wife’s hand? Get a ring that’s too big and you risk making her look ostentatious and possibly gaudy. If your lady has long slender fingers, the diamond will tend to look bigger on her than another woman who may have shorter or wider fingers. (Please note that finger size and shape is not always closely correlated with body size and shape.)

For example, a petite sized woman can sometimes have bigger fingers, just like petite woman can have bigger than average noses or ears. Hand size is also important to consider since diamonds will tend to look bigger on smaller hands. Remember though, just like petite woman can have larger feet, they can also have larger hands. The opposite can be true as well. Your thoughtfulness in this area can make your future wife happier and look better wearing the ring.

What the Guy at the Jewelry Store Doesn’t’ Want You to Know

To get the most “bang” for your dollar, you should include shopping for your diamond ring online. Why be subject to paying the high price of a trendy retail space rent and salesperson’s fat salary?

Unless you’re looking to spend more than $10,000, online shopping should be including in your places to find the right ring. And if you’re going to finance it, beware this one huge cost: Interest.

You can save thousands of dollars by not paying interest…money that would be better spent getting a nicer ring. Wentworth Jewelers offers 0% financing, so it’s a good place to include in your comparison shopping. Few other places offer such payment plans.

A final thought:

While carat size is important to most woman, it can also touch your woman's heart deeply if she knows you made sure you thought about the size and style that fit her personality just right. That, along with spending wisely, will help to build the proper foundation for your future life together. Consider making Wentworth Jewelers one of the place you consider when it comes to finding that perfect ring for her.


Why Owning a Fake Diamond Could Be a Better Deal

When it comes to popularity, natural diamonds clearly have the edge; at any given time, there are 50 times more gem-quality natural diamonds being produced each year than synthetic diamonds. But synthetic diamonds are establishing a place within jewelry collections. You see, the one thing synthetic diamonds have over natural diamonds is price. Don’t get me wrong, natural diamonds still reign supreme for popular gift purchases such as engagement rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. But is it really the way to go?

Many people are unwilling to compromise the rarity, luxury, value, and time-honored tradition of natural diamonds, because these characteristics symbolize the types of occasions for which diamonds are given, such as weddings, anniversaries, and so forth. But most people cannot tell the difference between a real diamond and a synthetic diamond.

The WOW Factor Goes Up While the Worries Go Down

It’s true. You can own a huge fancy diamond on a nice gold or platinum setting and barely a person in town can tell if it’s a synthetic or natural diamond. The reality is that only a true professional under close examination with the right tools can tell. It’s fun to wear flashy jewelry every once in a while and it’s even better when you don’t have to worry too much about whether your piece gets lost or stolen.

You see, owning a $15,000 ring is not all it’s cracked up to be. You need to have insurance, avoid situations where someone might try to steal it off you, and certainly a safe place at home to keep it that others won’t have easy access to it. All of this can lead to a lot of unnecessary worrying, but not if you own the same ring with a synthetic diamond.

Okay, it’s a loss if you lose it or it gets stolen, but it’s not the same as losing a $15,000 ring. Further, you won’t grow gray hairs worrying, either. Are you getting the point?

Let’s suppose you are now open to the idea of including a synthetic diamond in your jewelry collection, let’s better understand what they are and why they, too, are special.

The Diamonds are Next to the Celery

How do they make synthetic diamonds? I’ll avoid the technical jargon, so here's the short, to-the-point definition: Synthetic diamonds are diamonds that are "grown" in a laboratory. Yes, they are grown.

Like real diamonds, synthetic diamonds are basically a cluster of carbon atoms arranged in a certain pattern, so the only real difference between the two is the way in which the diamond-making process takes place. As you probably know, real diamonds are formed deep within the intense heat of the Earth's mantle, and their distinctive patterns are the result of incredible amounts of time and extreme pressures. Synthetic diamond manufacturers have figured out nature’s secret of duplicating this process in the laboratory. Consequently, they can "grow" a diamond, atom by atom, in a laboratory in only a matter of days.

Synthetic Diamonds: From "Ugly Ducklings" to Coveted Jewels

Synthetic diamonds have actually been around for decades now, but in the early years they were considered to be the "ugly ducklings" of the diamond world, and were mainly used for industrial purposes (e.g., construction, nanotechnology, optoelectronics, etc.). As the technology for growing synthetic diamonds continued to improve, scientists started getting better at building diamonds from scratch, essentially becoming "diamond-growing ninjas." Their laboratory-based techniques could reliably produce yellow diamonds without a problem, but they found it quite challenging to get a white diamond of any significant size. As scientists would attempt to increase the size of the white diamonds, they would keep running into problems with coloration as the stones would get bigger. This was mainly due to impurities that would often creep in and tint the stones, producing not only a yellowish color, but also shades of other colors such as blue, pink or green. Thanks to some more recent advancements in technology, scientists are getting closer than ever to producing larger sized lab-grown white diamonds, but it is far more common for synthetic diamonds to have increased coloration as the carat weights increase.

Is There a Synthetic Diamond in Your Future?

For many people, the obvious barrier to purchasing natural diamonds is price, but it also is the stigma of owning a stone that was man made. It shouldn’t be. As great as natural diamonds are, price and the concern of possible financial loss go with them. Synthetic diamonds on the other hand don’t have those negative variables, especially if you want to have quality jewelry that looks nice.

The Wentworth Jewelers 0% financing plan enables you to have a great deal of flexibility with just about any diamond (natural or synthetic) purchase, plus additional savings from finance charges. If you think it’s time to add another fine piece of jewelry to your collection, consider the flexible payment plan offered by Wentworth Jewelers. You might discover the full trifecta with them: Savings, Affordable Payments and Quality in one convenient package.



Buying an Engagement Ring

Are You Making These 5 Buying Mistakes?

OK, so you wanna get the perfect ring. You know your sweetie really well, or do you? Are you buying the ring on your own or are you getting some help from those closest to her. It might seem like you’ve “got this one in the bag,” but making sure you get your marriage off on the right foot includes making sure you don’t make any of these common mistakes from past grooms.

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. You Lose Objectivity When Going It Alone

    While it is tradition for the man to pick out the engagement ring for his fiancé, this concept has faded some, depending on your fiancé. Do you know exactly the style ring she likes and will it suit her tastes. If you don’t want to ask her directly, ask her friends and family, especially her mother if that’s an option.

    Find a way to bring up the conversation by asking a friend or relative to ask her what type of ring would she want if she could pick one out. Or, if you’re not sure that person could keep a secret, then next time you’re at the mall look at watches and end up by the rings to look and see what she focuses her attention. It’s a great way to give her a say in the type of ring that will make her happy without giving away the surprise.

    If, instead, you decide to completely surprise your lady with a ring you picked solely on your own, then you should be prepared for the possibility that you might need to exchange the ring for the one she really likes later. You can always have peace of mind when purchasing a ring from a store like Wentworth Jewelers.

  2. A Shattered Budget Can Last for Years to Come

    Whether you shop for the engagement ring alone or with your fiancé, you should determine the budget you are comfortable with BEFORE you start shopping. Besides the cost of a wedding, which is not uncommon to exceed $10,000 for a reasonably nice one, depending on the number of guests, the cost of the ring will be significant and a contributing factor in achieving your overall financial goals.

    Do you plan to travel, save an emergency fund, make investments, buy a new car, finish college, start a family, or buy a house? You don't want to leave yourself financially strapped because you spent too much on a ring. If you have a candid discussion with your fiancé about finances in the context of how much to spend on the ring, she may even suggest a smaller budget than what you had in mind and/or offer to help pay for the engagement ring. In fact, according to an online survey conducted by NBC's Today Show, forty-five percent of 14,032 respondents said they would be willing to share in the cost of the engagement ring!

  3. Seriously Consider Avoiding Retail Jewelry Stores

    Okay, once you have the budget worked out, it is time to go shopping. Before you go down to your local mall, you can save a lot of money and possibly get a much nicer ring if you shop online. Retail stores have to cover the cost of higher overhead costs such as retail rent and salespeople. They also have to make up for losses due to theft that invariably happens in a retail environment. If you shop online at a reputable jewelry store like Wentworth Jewelers, you get the same high quality merchandise and enjoy savings.

  4. You Wouldn’t Insure Your Shoes But Your Ring Should Be

    An engagement ring is more than a wedding accessory, it’s a major financial investment that should be protected from the possibility of loss or theft. Therefore, just like a house or a car, an engagement ring should be insured immediately upon receipt. Keep in mind too that some home insurance policies will not cover a valuable piece of jewelry unless you specifically declare it and you may be required to amend your policy if you add the engagement ring. The same applies for most renters insurance policies. Also, some car insurance policies will cover the contents of a car if an item gets stolen while others will not. It is always best to call your insurance company and inquire about what you'll need to do BEFORE you shop for the engagement ring.

  5. Being Charged Twice for One Purchase

    Well not exactly, but you do pay more than the purchase price when you finance your ring. Interest can add up quickly. A $2,500 ring can add up to several hundred dollars of additional expense, out of your pocket, when financing your engagement ring. One easy way to avoid this expense is to shop for your engagement ring at Wentworth Jewelers. Since they are unique in offering financing with 0% interest, you can keep that money that would otherwise be spent on interest. Unfortunately, some jewelry stores only focus on the cost of the ring and not actually what you end up paying for it. This is one of the reasons Wentworth Jewelers is becoming a popular place online to shop for affordable engagement rings.



The “Liquid Terror” that Makes Your Jewelry Cower in Fear!

Are you really taking good care of your precious jewelry?

You might think so, but there are several things a lot of people unwittingly do that can reduce jewelry’s aesthetic appeal, its value and your image. Here’s what you should consider: sweat, perfumes, water and swimming all will impact the luster of your jewelry, be it gold, silver, platinum, emeralds and other soft stones, semi precious stones or even diamonds. The impact of fluids is different depending on the metal used, but there is a degree of damage.

For instance, silver turns black quickly when exposed to moisture, so taking a shower while wearing your silver jewelry dulls and discolors it. But it can get a lot worse.

Green Gold and Lost Diamonds?

That’s what happens when your fine gold jewelry is exposed to chlorine. Wearing your gold jewelry while swimming or cleaning with chlorinated water leads to green gold. So, if you are in the habit of wearing your gold ring or chain while you enjoy a few laps at the pool, expect those pieces to lose their glimmer.

Diamond is one of the hardest substances known to man, so you don’t need to worry about water and chemicals impacting the stone’s shimmer. But that doesn’t mean you’re in the clear. Grime and dirt eventually sets around the stone and can compromise the strength of the setting. Let it go unchecked and you might be sad to discover that fine diamond escaped its setting to be lost forever. Don’t let that happen.

Do Rings Suffer from Everyday Stress?

Yes, if you put them on your finger the wrong way. Believe it or not there is a right and a wrong way to put on and wear jewelry. For example if you are in the habit of taking off and putting on your ring by pressing on the stone, the strength of the setting deteriorates over time and can lead to a lost stone. Instead, use the side of the shanks and avoid degrading the setting strength.

Similarly, if you wear a bracelet with charms, go for just one or two pieces. Too many bangles or bracelets only increases the chances of the charms getting entangled and breaking.

Similarly, chandelier earrings are gorgeous, but you can damage your delicately crafted piece if you couple it with a sweater or fabrics with loose weaves. The dangling bits will inevitably get caught in the threads and even a bit of pulling may cause them to break or distort.

Would You Use Steel Wool on a Baby’s Bottom?

Obviously not, but what a lot of people don’t know is that improper jewelry cleaning can do a lot more harm to your fine jewelry than you might think. For example, if you use tarnish remover, prolonged exposure to its chemicals can discolor your precious metals AND wear them down.

If you use an ultrasonic machine, be careful. A lot of people don’t know that soft stones, like corals, pearls and opals are damaged by the harmful rays generated by this cleaning method.

Your Fine Jewelry is Fine Only if You Treat it Finely

Who does not enjoy flaunting eye catching fine jewelry? Yet, few people take the trouble of storing it the way it ought to be. Your precious jewelry needs TLC all the time and every time. So, make sure that you don't just plop those rings, bracelets and chains on the kitchen counter or even on the vanity at the end of the day and forget about ‘em.

To take care of fine jewelry the right way, place your pieces in a jewelry box with cloth coated compartments that ensures each piece has its own space. If you wrap it in soft tissue, be sure the paper doesn’t have any corrosive chemicals in it.

More Gremlins Hate Your Jewelry Than You Might Realize

It really is true. Fine jewelry is fine because it has the necessary properties to resist corrosion and abuse, but it’s not guaranteed. The pH level of your skin, humidity, everyday cleaners and even how you handle your jewelry – among myriad other factors – all work against the sheen, shimmer and overall health of your fine jewelry.

The good news is that it is never too late to do things right, and if you are looking for a stunning piece of jewelry to care for properly from the beginning, Wentworth Jewelers offers amazing quality -- but payment friendly-- fine jewelry.

Give us a try, check out our collection of fine jewelry for yourself and see the savings with our convenient 0% jewelry financing and payment plan options.



Can't find the perfect gift for that special somebody?

You simply can't go wrong with birthstone jewelry! A classic gift choice, these gem stone creations have been a hit for hundreds of years and with good reason.

The Indians, Aztecs, Babylonians and other ancient cultures prized gemstones for more than just their alluring colors. To this day, people cannot stop raving about the benefits of wearing birthstone jewelry.

Of course, you could buy an expensive electronic gadget but what is hot today will be tossed as old and out of date in a few months. On the other hand, your gift of birthstone jewelry will be cherished for years and even treasured as an heirloom piece.

What makes birthstone jewelry so unique?

From health to prosperity and from mental clarity to marital bliss, birthstones are purported to offer all of these and more. One or more gemstone is linked to every month of the year and wearing the stone that is designated for your birth month can bring along a host of benefits.

Astrologists and gemstone experts claim that the colorful light reflected by these natural crystals and stones can invoke positive energies that impact every aspect of life. The belief dates back to biblical times and finds a mention in the Old Testament that has a description of the 12 gemstones on the breast plate of Aaron.

Still not convinced that birthstone jewelry will make the best gift?

Even if you do not subscribe to these beliefs, you simply can't deny that the mesmerizing red of rubies, the sparkling blue of aquamarines, the sunray yellow of Topaz and the soothing green of emeralds are stunning enough to elicit a squeal of joy from anybody who receives birthstone jewelry.

Add to this the fact that the price spectrum of birthstone jewelry is truly vast, ranging from extremely affordable to very expensive. So, you will find the perfect birthstone piece for any occasion and any person, regardless of your budget. And, there is more!

Birthstones make ideal presents for memorable occasions. If you want to mark baby's first birthday or a sibling's graduation or a Christmas when the whole family came together, with birth stone jewelry, you can be sure that the recipient will often reminisce about the special day.

Colorful gems that can bring color to life!

January: Garnets in all their enticing colors make perfect gifts for friends and lovers. The hypnotic red hue of the stone brings out the inner Love Goddess. But, if you are not motivated by romance, this gemstone also signifies a bond of deep and lasting friendship and trust. The gem increases energy and revitalizes mind and body.

February: Often worn by Russian and European royalty, fine amethysts were only found in Russia in the past, but today high quality gemstones are sourced from Brazil and Zambia. The stunning purple quartz is known to imbibe a sense of clarity in the wearer. The gemstone has protective properties and helps to calm restless minds.

March: The pale blue aquamarine that seems to encapsulate the serenity of the ocean helps to reduce stress by releasing negative energies. Many vouch by the therapeutic benefits of this gemstone for people who suffer from throat ailments.

April: Of course, diamonds are forever but they are exceptionally well suited for those who were born in April. The most expensive of all birth stones, the alluring diamond is hailed for its extraordinary metaphysical qualities which include clearing mind clutter and detoxifying the body.

May: Cleopatra's favorite, a stunning green emerald will also find favor with the recipient of your gift. The gemstone stands for growth, wisdom and patience and helps those who suffer from diabetes and rheumatism.

June: The Greeks believed that pearls were formed when Aphrodite, the Goddess of love cried tears of joy. The muted luminescence of these oceanic treasures protects against gastric problems and helps in controlling anger.

July: The striking red hues of rubies have made this gemstone the hottest choice right after diamonds. Gift this birthstone to banish negativity, exhaustion and lethargy. Some suggest that rubies also enhance enthusiasm, virility and success.

August: A distinctive, light green sets Peridot apart from emerald and offers the combined benefits of green and yellow light rays. The gemstone has a calming effect on the mind and is known to tame fears and worries. Sourced from Hawaii and Arizona, the colors of the gemstone range from lime and olive green to brown.

September: You could make a lovely lady feel like a princess by gifting her sapphire jewelry. Favored by clergy and royalty, the blue gemstone symbolizes wisdom, loyalty and purity. It is considered exceptional for its protective qualities and some experts believe that the gemstone increases the ability to attract the right people.

October: Although you could opt for tourmaline when picking jewelry for a person born in October, opal remains the primary birthstone of the month. A radiant gemstone, opals can range from a milky white to a stunning black, speckled with an array of other colors. Opals are hailed for their ability to stimulate creativity.

November: Go ahead and pick the yellow and orange citrine if you are interested in eye-catching yet affordable jewelry. Known as the healing quartz, this gemstone enhances leadership qualities and energy and is the most affordable of the birthstones.

December: The month of merry has not one but 4 gemstones linked to it. You could take your pick from tanzanite, turquoise, zircon and blue topaz. You'll notice that blue is the dominant color here, possibly to signify the cool weather. Turquoise is the one that most people choose since it is considered the love charm.

What can you expect when shopping for birthstone jewelry?

You can find birthstones in a myriad of settings, but the most popular way to wear these gems is in the form of a ring, bracelet or necklace. Of course, you could also find brooches and earring adorned with these gems.

When shopping for birthstone jewelry, remember that the quality of the stone will make a huge difference to how the piece looks, how much it costs and the metaphysical benefits that the stone offers. And, this is why you should only buy birthstone jewelry from a reputed vendor.

Wentworth Jewelers has an astonishing range of affordable payment plan jewelry that includes classic and elegant birthstone ornaments. Whatever your budget and aesthetic preferences, you will find a birthstone piece that is just right at Wentworth.

Don't let the cost dictate what you buy because Wentworth Jewelers offers 0% jewelry financing. So, what is stopping you from purchasing a gift that will be the source of pride and joy for years to come?

Check out our collection of birthstone jewelry and rest assured that when you buy from Wentworth Jewelers, you get the best pieces and the highest savings with our 0% jewelry financing and payment plans.



Impress Your Fiancé with These Savvy Engagement Ring Shopping Tips

If you are one of those grooms who is pensive over the engagement ring costing more than the wedding ceremony, fret not! There is hope.

With these simple tips and tricks, you will be able to buy a ring that will make her jump for joy (we promise) and she notices how you did it with a smart approach.

Small and large stones put together look just as spectacular!

You probably think you need to pick the largest stone for the ring to be really impressive. Well, you could not be more wrong! Yes, a 4 carat solitaire looks stunning, but it also has an earth shattering price tag. Besides, you can get the same degree of frosting at 1/10th the cost if you choose a piece with smaller stones.

The trick here is to go for a ring that has a central stone surrounded by smaller diamonds set pavé style. With this setting, you get a uniform surface of glimmer. The final result- she gets all the shimmer and shine that she has been looking forward to and you don't run into a debt buying a super expensive bauble. In terms of figures, 10-15 smaller diamond that are a carat together would cost 90% less than a solitaire of the same carat weight. Can you see how staggering the savings difference is?

There are other gemstones besides diamonds, you know!

Nobody is denying that diamonds are the be-all, end-all of the gem world, but they are also extremely pricey. You can always go for a sapphire, ruby or an emerald, which would save you about 75% on the cost of the ring. Plus, the combination of colorful gems and diamonds is a veritable classic and affords a lot more room for creativity.

Why, even Princess Diana's engagement ring which now graces the finger of Kate Middleton had a large sapphire as the central stone, surrounded by a halo of diamonds. If royalty can wear it, so can your bride to be. Also these rings are ideal for daily wear, even to the workplace where a large, shiny diamond would look distinctly out of place.

Moreover, you can personalize gemstone engagement rings. How about picking the central stone to match the color of her eyes? Another way would be to opt for her birthstone or even choose a stone that is of the same color as the dress she wore to your first date. The possibilities are simply endless.

Silver and Gold are just as alluring as platinum!

Nearly 85% of the cost of the ring will be the stones used, but you could lower the remaining 15% by choosing the right metal. Gold and platinum are classic choices while palladium and silver come in a close second. Platinum will burn the largest hole in your pockets because it is prized higher than gold and you need more of the metal by weight to craft a ring.

As far as gold goes, the rate will vary depending on the purity of the metal used. Twenty-two carat or 91.4% purity gold is too soft for diamond setting as is 18K, these also cost significantly more. Go for 10-14K white gold, which offers the white luster of platinum and ample strength to hold the stone safely.

However, gold rings are usually rhodium plated to turn them white and in 2-3 years the plating wears off which means they will have to be sent for a repeat treatment. Silver and palladium are also hot choices, with the latter offering a darker background that works beautifully for unusual designs. All in all, if you were to opt for gold over platinum, you could save as much as $500 or more.

Size does matter and yes, we are still talking about diamonds here!

Diamonds are all about perfection; at least that is the popular assumption which drives prices through the roof. So, a 1 carat stone will cost several times more than a slight smaller jewel of 0.8 or 0.9 carat. Be smart and don't marry the carat size of the stone.

Here is an added piece of wisdom: A 1 carat stone would lose a significant part of its value if it needs re-polishing as the process will pull down the carat weight. So, why not start with something more affordable to begin with?

The Science of the C's and the One “C” You Should be Most Concerned about

Chances are that you may have already heard about cut, clarity, color and carat, which together form the famed 4 C's of diamond shopping. Does it all sound like quantum physics to you? Don't worry, help is at hand.

For now, forget all other C's besides the cut. Now, this is the factor that you must not scrimp on because the perfect cut can easily hide the flaws of the stone, making it reflect light in just the right way.

To the naked eye, the stone would look just as shiny and stunning as another that is prized 5 or 6 times higher. Cut ratings range from ideal down to fair. Settle for no less than a "very good" rating even if you have to pay 10-20% more for it.

Save big on color and clarity

This brings you to the last 2 C's- color and clarity, and this is where you can save serious money. In terms of color, the grading starts at A and goes down to L and further till the stone is nearly black. D-F are colorless diamonds and cost several times more than G-J stones which are near colorless. Diamonds rated K-L have the slightest hint of color that would be hard to see unless the stone is big, but the difference in price is mind boggling.

For example, pick a stone with D-F rating of about 0.9 carats and it would cost you in the vicinity of $8,000 but a similar sized K stone will set you back by a mere $2000. How is that for saving?

Clarity will have a similar impact on the cost of the jewel. You can take your pick from FL (Flawless) to VVS1 and VVS2 (very very slight inclusions) all the way to SI-1 and SI-2, which stand for small inclusions (still only visible under 10X magnification).

With the right cut an SI-1 stone will sparkle just as brilliantly as an FL stone which is seven levels above it in the clarity grading system. And as far as the cost goes, you will pay about 70% less than the price of a flawless stone. The big question- will your girl be able to tell the difference? NO, she won't, unless she is a gemologist.

Payment plans to the rescue!

Finally, do not underestimate the importance of a payment plan when buying an engagement ring. Without a doubt, you will have a lot on your plate as you get closer to the big day. So, it would not be prudent to blow up most of your money on the very first purchase of the season.

Wentworth Jewelers offers 0% interest jewelry financing on all their engagement rings. Opt for the payment plan and you will be able to stretch your dollar farther. If you are willing to settle for nothing less than perfect for your sweetheart, you can buy more for less with the affordable payment plan jewelry from Wentworth Jewelers.

Take a look at our vast collection of engagement rings. We have pieces that suit all tastes and budgets; from eternity rings to the classic cluster and 3 piece settings, you will find them all with Wentworth Jewelers. We guarantee the highest quality and the most savings.

Plus, with 0% interest jewelry financing options from Wentworth Jewelers, you will have enough money for a romantic honeymoon at an exotic location even after you have swept her off her feet with the most gorgeous ring she has ever laid eyes on.

Start scouring through our collection today, so you have enough time to pick the perfect engagement ring.



5 Must Have Jewelry Pieces for Every Collection

What jewelry should I wear with this outfit?

If you find yourself mulling over that question every time you dress up or dress down, chances are that you do not have the five most important pieces of jewelry in your collection.

Yes, these are those 5 pieces that can add oomph to otherwise drab attire or lend that touch of completion to any odd sartorial choice. Signature pieces that can be matched to perfection and even made to stand out on their own; these are the staples that you simply should not leave out of your ornament box.

A dainty bracelet that can turn into a whole new language of flirtation!

Cuffs are the in thing on ramps these days but they simply do not have the feminine allure of a bracelet. In its dangly, shimmering beauty, the dainty bracelet works well when coupled with evening wear, office ensembles and even when thrown together with a pair of jeans and a T-shirt.

What's more is that you can create a whole range of looks without going overboard with the bling. There are a plethora of choices when picking delicate charm bracelets. You could go for a specific motif, or go for a creative play of metallic colors.

Diamond bracelets are undoubtedly the most popular, as they can add just the right amount of shimmer to your overall look. But, you could also experiment with colored gemstones and even pearls that can be elegant and unique all at once.

No evening can be perfect without a few hoops and chandeliers!

There are two ways to dress up for a soiree, you could either let your dress steal the show or play up your face with the right earrings. While chandeliers are a tried and tested Hollywood trick to create an enchanting look, hoops are relatively new on the fashion scene, but they have to be lauded for their versatility.

Go for diamond hoops and you will have the perfect pair of earrings for day and evening wear. The best part is that these earrings match just about any hairdo that you can think of. From the messy ponytail to the chic up do, hoops can handle them all and more.

The style is definitely here to stay. So, go ahead and invest in a pair or two of hoop earrings. Chandelier and hoop earring in all their shimmering glory are the only additions you will need to transform your look from workday to play.

The studs have been and will be around forever!

You want to convey an image of professionalism while holding on to your feminine style? Nothing will work better than a pair of diamond studs. No, solitaires are certainly not your only options here. In fact, you will be stunned at the array of diamond studs available in the market.

These pieces won't break the bank yet you could turn the harshest and simplest black pant suit into a stunner with just the addition of these baubles. The trick here is to pick a pair that is not too small or too large.

A lot will depend on your hair style. If you have a short do or tend to slick your hair back or away from the face, go for small or medium sized studs. If you have long tresses, you need more significant earrings which balance the entire look and are conspicuous enough to peep through the veil of your crowning glory.

When buying ear studs, you have 2 options; you can either go for the earrings alone or a set with matching pendant and ring. Usually, a set is a better bet because you get at least 1 or 2 pieces more to add to your collection and you won't have to go through the hassle of matching the studs with another neckpiece from your jewelry box. Plus, the pendant and the earrings together can be your signature formal look.

The necklace that brings just a hint of sensuality to the table

Sure you should have a bold signature necklace in your collection, but this piece will seldom see the light of the day. So, even before you invest in an ultra expensive neck piece that is right only for certain occasion, a pretty pendant worn with a chain of the right length is the need of the day.

Your necklace could be part of a set or at least, it has to be a piece that can be easily mixed and matched with the other ornaments in your jewelry box. Geometric shapes which involve diamonds or other stones are well suited for both day and evening wear and go well with other motifs as well.

Pick a pendant that is big enough to be seen but does not overpower the entire look. Ideally, a design that is in the size range of 0.5-1 inch works wonderfully. As a thumb rule, the younger you are the tinier the pendant can be; the same also goes for the length of the chain on which the pendant is worn.

If you only want one chain, then play it safe with a length that allows the pendant to rest an inch or two below your collarbone, This would get your new, precious acquisition just enough face time. Another advantage of this length is that it creates the illusion of a longer and thinner neck, as the pendant draws attention to itself.

The right ring for the right hand!

Your left hand is reserved for meaningful pieces like your wedding band and an heirloom ring, but this does not mean that you should neglect your right hand. Actually, the right hand ring is where you can get really experimental.

If you are always the one for costume jewelry, lend a touch of class to your look with a diamond ring or if muted styles are more your deal, try an eye catching design that will up the ante. In fact, if you choose well, a ring will be all the embellishment you will need to show off that new manicure.

Follow Marilyn Monroe's conviction about diamonds being a girl's best friends when shopping for rings. The shimmering stones set in a cluster look classy, elegant and provide just the hint of glamour. Diamond rings are a versatile lot and you could wear one to work or a party and it would fit right in with the ensemble.

Color is the name of the game if you are keen on creating a striking look. So, instead of an all white sparkly piece, go for a ring that combines diamonds and other gemstones or even white and colored diamonds. A ring set is another note-worthy option that will give you more bang for your buck. Because you will be buying 2-3 pieces that can be worn together or each on its own, you can play up your look or tone it down to suit the occasion.

You can never have enough of these 5 staples!

If you only have one or two pieces of each of these ornaments, it is certainly time to add a few more baubles to your collection, and with the plunging prices of precious metals, your timing could not be more right.

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